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  • Sports

    Sports and physical exercises are practiced and taught. Students will be taught on the most popular sports.

  • Computer

    Computer laboratory is provided for grades 4-6. This class uses practical computer programs to help students grow in their computer ability.

  • Religion

    Religion Studies is taught to educate students with the religion of Islam

  • Stories

    Stories is another subject where teachers read and help students to analyze text so they can easily understand and grow in their reading skill. analyzing sentences so that…

  • Social Science

    Social Science is taught in English and students will be familiarized with the social skills and relationships.

  • Science

    Science is taught in English language, and scientific aspects of general science.

  • English

    English (Sunrise), teaching and strengthening student’s English ability is imperative for us. We want to grow student’s ability to speak and comprehend English.

  • Kurdish

    Kurdish Language is a critical subject, reading and writing in Kurdish is one of our primary goals for our students.

  • Music

    Music is one of the impressive topics. Our school has it’s own academic and strategic plan to promote Kurdish and international music. Students will be taught how to…

  • Art

    Art class is taught to develop student’s abilities and talents for handcrafting.